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“I have worked with Gary for years and can’t say enough good things about him. He is honest, does great work, and always has his customers best interest in mind.”
Jonathan Carr


“Great quality and customer service! I went to Gary based on a recommendation and will definitely pass along a positive recommendation to others. They prove to be 100% honest and show they really care about helping to resolve the issue correctly. Thank you Gary for all of your help!” – Daniel

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Gary’s Transmission Service

Gary’s Transmission Service Inc. is the premier transmission repair shop in Katy, Texas. We specialize in domestic and foreign transmission and drive line repair exclusively. Fixing YOUR transmission problem is our specialty and our priority. We systematically evaluate, service, diagnose, repair and rebuild transmissions on a daily basis. Today’s automatic transmissions are completely computer controlled and more complicated than ever. They contain many electronic, hydraulic and mechanical components. We have the experience, technical expertise and equipment to service, diagnose, repair and rebuild your transmission. Gary’s Transmission Service Inc. is dedicated to helping you.

Call us today at 281-347-8888 for all your transmission needs.



You wouldn’t wait for your motor to start knocking to change your oil, would you?

Don’t wait for your transmission to start slipping to change your fluid!

Our automatic transmission service is not simply “Changing your fluid”. It requires a systematic evaluation that begins with a fluid level and condition check then a computer scan for codes followed by a road test to verify your transmission’s function.

About Us

Gary’s Transmission Service Inc. is family owned and operated. We have been in business since 2004. Our technicians have a COMBINED experience of 100 years repairing transmissions.

Our shop is up to date with a large reference database including software from Ratio Tec, Mitchell 2/Shop Key, All Data, ATSG, ATRA, TRNI, Identifix & Motor. We use the latest diagnostic equipment comprised of Snap-On Solus Ultra, Solus Pro, Vantage Pro and Autel Maxidas scan tools. This compilation of software and equipment is essential for diagnosing, repairing, and rebuilding today’s computer controlled transmissions.

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